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How to Clean Crash Logs for iPhone Apps

System Log:

System log will show a real-time log of everything happening on your device, so if a app is crashing or experiences problems, try pulling this tool up to get more information on what is happening. Note: As these are listed, these are advanced tools, if you’re unsure of how something works on the system it’s best to do some research and know what you’re working with before attempting to make changes on your system based on the information given in these logs.


Crash Log:

Crash Log will open a folder with individual crash logs. Each of the logs are listed in PLIST format, which if you’re using a Windows OS you’ll need a PLIST editor or reader installed on your machine to view them. I would recommend PLIST Editor which can be downloaded for free on its official site here, a PLIST editor is included with OS X. This is by far the tool that I use the most, there have been times that I’ve worked with developers to try and recover a corrupted save or figure out why a app isn’t running on my device. Even if you don’t know what these crash reports mean, they can be invaluable to the developers. It will also hold system crash logs as well as apps, so if you’re dealing with a complete system crash it’s a great tool to use to find out what is causes your device to crash. If only people used this tool instead of posting 1 star reviews on the App Store that say “App crashes right away!” we would have way less apps that crash on the App Store.


Supported Devices: iPod, iPhone and iPad



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