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iOS 10 Beta 1 14A5261v



iPhone 4.0 32bit – iPhone 5 / iPhone 5C

iPhone 4.0 64bit – iPhone 5S

iPhone 4.7 – iPhone 6S / iPhone 6

iPhone 5.5 – iPhone 6S+ / iPhone 6+

iPhone SE


iPad 32bit – iPad 4th Generation

iPad 64bit – iPad Air / iPad mini 2

iPad 64bit TouchID – iPad mini 4 / iPad Air 2 / iPad mini 3

iPad Pro 9.7

iPad Pro 12,9


iPod touch 6 – Model A1625

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»Supported Devices


»Yenilikler | What’s New in iOS 10 Beta 1

Bugs (iOS 10 Beta 1):

  • Mute during phone calls does not work.
  • Using Force Touch to respond to a text message from the Lock screen sometimes results in a text reply window that cannot be closed with the Home button or the UI element. You need to reboot the phone to recover.
  • Certain widgets are cut off in the new Spotlight/Today view. (This is not a bug. Apple changed the way that widgets work. Old widgets will need to be updated. Don’t expect to see any until iOS 10 goes public.)
  • When plugged into my car via USB, Siri speaks no matter what in Maps while driving despite “No Voice” being selected.
  • Large Music Controls on Lock screen (may be an unfortunate feature).
  • Screenshots on Lock screen broken (device turns off, no screenshot in Photos).
  • Apple Music features are not able to be hidden. Toggling the “Show Apple Music” setting currently has no effect on the redesigned Music app.
  • Alarms remain on the Lock screen as “Snoozing” with a minus amount of time once they have been stopped.
  • When trying to reply to posts in Safari (could be all HTML textboxes) – Safari will jump to the bottom of the page and you cannot see what you’re typing!
  • Built in Home app does not support well EVE and August accessories.
  • When choosing an alarm in Clock app for Bedtime Mode, that sample alarm will sound until you force close the app.
  • Turning off Keyboard sounds also turns off Taptic feedback for the Mute switch.
  • Rotating iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 9.7″ will sometimes lock orientation in place. A reset will fix the issue temporarily.
  • iPad Pro 9.7″ audio glitches and becomes totally silent when plugging in headphones.
  • 3D Touch Shortcut popup for both the Phone and FaceTime apps incorrectly show which telephone number identifier is for each Favorite (all numbers are shown as “Home”, and not as “Work”, “iPhone”, “Main”, etc). Tested on a 6s and 6s+. The relevant telephone number identifier is shown correctly in the Phone App’s Favorites and Contacts App.
  • Choppy performance when switching tabs in Safari with Reduce Motion switched on.
  • Facebook icon in Settings not rendered correctly (for some).
  • Lock sound is heard even when set to off in Settings.
  • Favorites doesn’t show the correct tag for the phone number (but does dial the correct one).
  • Within ANY app, Notification Center UI is broken and if you swipe down slowly from the top, the Taptic Engine gives out two vibrations (NC must NOT be empty). (iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only). Not a bug, releasing between the two vibrations is a shortcut to Spotlight Search.
  • In any app, double pressing the Home button to enter multitasking sometimes causes the device to go to the home screen, then immediately switch to multitasking view.
  • bug when connecting to a Schlage Sense home deadbolt. Shows as a “Not Supported” accessory due to needing a firmware update (there isn’t one and it doesn’t need it). At this time, the button can’t be pressed. After messing with menu settings (long/hard press on button), it works temporarily and shows as fully supported (button can now be pressed to lock/unlock). Also, Favorite Accessories in the Control Center for shows it as “Not Supported” as well when you swipe over to it.
  • When sending someone a PDF from Notes app, if you write a message along with it first THEN enter the contact it’s intended for it’ll erase the PDF attachment and written comment
  • can’t adjust temperature on Hue ambience bulbs.
  • Reachability works intermittently (6 Plus)
  • Alarm volume setting is ignored in both Alarm and Bedtime mode – sound is always played at full volume.
  • Keyboard problem: tapping Shift once will often initiate Caps, tapping the “.?123” button will often immediately switch back to letters (iPad Air 2)
  • In the Today/Widget view on the Home Screen, pressing the home button and swiping to the right (back to the Widget view) immediately after will make the home screen icons slide to the right, the widgets slide to the left, leaving the home screen empty until the home button or the screen is pressed again.
  • Downgrading to prior iOS versions will remove all message history in messages app. Updating back to this beta does not solve problem.
  • Downloaded/Purchased/Sync’d tones do not appear under Contacts > Edit.
  • Fast charging iPad Pro 12.9″ with 29W USB-c charger & cable doesn’t work.


  • General
    • 3D Touch Cellular Data shortcut for Settings.
    • New Face Gallery section in Apple Watch app.
    • Bedtime alarm for Clock app.
    • New Keyboard clicks sound.
    • Camera: photo filters & swap camera buttons switched around.
    • If your iPhone is locked, Touch ID still works the same way as it did before. If you wake the phone andthen apply your finger it’ll say “Press Home to open”.
    • “Unoptimized for iOS 10” warning in some apps.
    • DFU Mode now shows URL to Apple support for restoring.
    • 3D Touch Folder with a notification shows the app with the notification.
    • Music no longer stops when Camera is open and taking a photo.
    • The dialog box for deleting apps is different (Delete is now in red and on the right side).
    • Ability to exit out of loading apps (pressing the Home button).
    • The method to enter data points into health app, such as blood pressure measurements, has seen removal of “add data point” option in favor of a “+” at the top of the screen.
    • Photos saved/synced on phone are analyzed and tagged for search function. New People folder under Album.
    • Copy and Paste tool seems to be more consistent and a little quicker (only requires one press to bring up, can remove this if multiple users say otherwise).
    • Adds AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon, ‘create PDF’, multi-user & password-only printing (source).
    • Security recomendations for joined WiFi networks on the WiFi screen in settings.
  • Lock/Home Screens
    • Lock icon appears on Status Bar when on Lock screen.
    • Slide to unlock replaced with press Home button to unlock.
    • Modified opening/closing app animation.
    • New folder view.
    • Delete most stock apps.
      • Apple Support Document with more info.
    • New iOS 10 Official Wallpaper:
    • New back link (arrow, app name).
    • 3D Touch shortcut on some built in apps are now much richer (Activity, Phone, Messages, Notes, etc).
    • New animation for quick access apps on Lock screen (alarm, calculator).
    • When pausing music on Lock screen the album art gets smaller. When unpaused it gets larger.
    • iPad: In lockscreen horizontal view the clock is aligned to the left and music controls/artwork take up the entire right half.
    • Wallpapers that used to be bright enough to affect readability or make white icons blend in are now darkened to separate the wallpaper from home screen icons and text.
  • Notification Center
    • Tapping Search is the same as Spotlight.
    • Recent Searches in Notification Center.
    • Sort by app option removed.
  • Control Center
    • Redesign.
    • 3D Touch Shortcuts:
      • Flashlight – Low, Medium, High Intensities
      • Timer – 1 Hour, 20 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 1 Minute
      • Calculator – Copy Last Result
      • Camera – Take Photo, Record Slo-mo, Record Video, Take Selfie
  • Spotlight
    • Spotlight entries are rounded.
    • Spotlight keyboard has locked orientation. No flip animation.
    • New built-in widgets (via 9to5mac):
      • Calendar
        • Up Next
      • Phone
        • Favorites
      • Mail
      • Maps
        • Destinations
        • Nearby
        • Transit
      • Music
      • Notes
      • Photos
        • Memories
      • Tips
  • Siri
    • New Siri icon in Settings.
    • New Siri tab in Settings.
    • Voice seems to be more clearer.
    • New English accents: Irish and South African.
    • When using “Hey Siri” with an iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 9.7″ near each other, both will activate, but then the iPhone’s Siri will automatically turn off and give way to the iPad Pro 9.7″ for listening to a command.
  • iPad
    • Home screen icon for Command + Tab App Switcher.
    • Split view for Music.
    • Split view for Safari (open two safari windows side by side). This is not true multitasking, as the two windows cannot be resized.
  • Messages
    • New name initial icons.
    • Individual read receipts.
    • Emoji predictions (built into QuickType, not just in Messages).
    • Text-to-emoji replacement (built into QuickType, not just in Messages).
    • Bubble effects (animations for message bubbles).
    • Link thumbnails/previews.
    • Different Back to Messages button – only number now
  • Maps
    • On the Today screen, the Maps widget now notes when and where you parked your car.
    • When reporting “location on map” errors you’re able to use current location to find where you’re at (there is now a crosshair selector to place on building/house for corrected location).
  • Mail
    • Unsubscribe from mailing lists.
    • Conversations have a new card view and replies appear in conversations.
  • Calendar
    • Invite attendees to any meeting (forward invite).
  • Settings
    • Mail, Contacts, and Calendar have been split into their own section.
    • Accessibility:
      • Color Filters
    • New option under Settings/General for Dictionary.
    • Reduce White Point now has a slider (before it was simply a toggle).
    • If Wi-Fi Assist is disabled, “Reset All Settings” will not re-enable the feature.
    • “Reset All Settings” no longer deletes saved fingerprints, and Location Services preferences are kept (though Location Services still needs to be re-enabled manually).
  • Safari
    • Inline video playback now possible on iPhone by pressing bottom right button on full screen player. Some videos will automatically play inline if configured correctly.
    • Long-pressing on the tabs button displays a “$numberOfTabs” button.

Bug Fixes:

  • Text selection bug seems to be fixed


  • Favorites list in Phone app is not smooth. Opening Phone app while favorites is selected drops frames.
  • Mobile data menu is smooth now

»UDID Kaydı Olmadan Beta Kurulumu

»How To Install iOS Beta Without UDID


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