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iOS 10 Beta 3 14A5309d



iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6
iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone SE


iPad (4th generation Model)
iPad Air, iPad mini 2
iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3
9.7‑inch iPad Pro
12.9‑inch iPad Pro


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»Supported Devices


»Yenilikler | What’s New in iOS 10 Beta 3

Bugs (iOS 10 Beta 3):

  • Pressing backspace or pasting from the clipboard in a text box in Safari scrolls down to the bottom of the page (Present since Beta 1).
  • Smart Keyboard for 9.7″ iPad Pro still auto-capitalizes whether or not Auto-Capitalization is turned on.
  • Emoji suggestions do not come up on QuickType when replying via Lock screen rich notification.
  • Emoji Suggestions no longer seem to show up.
  • Bluetooth audio is still incredibly choppy regardless of paired device.
  • Turning off “Set Automatically” switch in Date & Time settings on iPads causes occasional resprings.
  • Password section of website authentication is unusable when in dual safari split screens on iPad Pro
  • Exchange accounts disappear from Internet Accounts (hence Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts) when added
  • iPhone Smart Battery Case will not update the battery percentage, until unplugged from power.


  • On iPads using pinch to close you can now start using the Home screen mid-animation (iOS 8 behavior).
  • New keyboard sound from Beta 1 is back.
  • Haptic Feedback on lock for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (Disable by turning off vibrate on ring or Lock Sounds).
  • New Lock sound
  • Music lyrics manually added using iTunes version older than iTunes 12.5, coming with macOS Sierra does not show up in new music app. Lyrics do appear in third party apps.
  • Downloaded music can be removed and rearranged again.
  • In Maps there is a new option to Edit the location for your Parked Car and any recent location
  • Music Videos tab removed from Videos App
  • When opening Health for the first time, you are asked if you would like to share health and activity data with Apple.
  • Added option to Diagnostics and Usage in Settings called “Improve Activity”
  • The 3D Touch app icon shortcut that is provided by default and allows the user to share a link to the app has been renamed from “Share” to “Share $appName”
  • Bold control center text for Airplay, AirDrop, and Night Shift buttons
  • Longer rich notifications on iPad lock screen
  • Home app is more responsive
  • Home Hubs section in Settings > Home (only shows if you have signed in to an Apple TV or iPad and enabled HomeKit remote access on these devices)
  • IPv6 Addresses section in Wi-Fi network details
  • In Music, Downloaded Music is no longer compulsory.
  • (vs iOS 8/9) Custom keyboards animate on open-Slide in like stock keyboard.
  • In, searching for music remembers your selection between Your Library and Apple Music, and saves that selection even after restarting the app, rather than default to one.

Bug Fixes:

  • “Rest finger to open” now functions as expected. You can also use “Raise to wake up” and unlock the phone with resting your finger on the home-button. In Beta 1 and Beta 2 you have to hard press the home button to unlock the phone after “Raise to wake up”.
  • Folder lag is fixed (Opening folder and then an app would trigger rearrangement)
  • Volume HUD bug is fixed
  • Tab Switcher graphics glitches (Safari) on iPhone 6S Plus fixed
  • The bug where the messages would overlap on the top bar when pressing the contact photo to see contact information and going back in Messages has been fixed.
  • Home app updates device statuses quicker
  • Home app on iPad does not get stuck on “Loading Home” screen for iCloud users
  • Home app does not show “Not Responding” for devices that are working properly
  • Bug in Carplay where you had to continuously hold the steering wheel button until Siri request was understood and executed has been fixed.


  • Does Voicemail transcription work for devices below 6s/6s+ (Apparently, no, at least for this beta, per release notes)
  • Does raise to wake work on iPhone 6/Plus ? – No.
  • Ratings available in Music? – Not that I can tell
  • Lyrics are for Apple Music user only? I find all lyrics manually added to songs no longer display in new music app.
  • Has Apple implemented the workaround for 3D Touch actions for non-3D Touch devices? – Yes, for nearly all. Rich chat functions work correctly now. Flashlight intensities still do not, however.
  • Is the “stuck rotation” bug fixed? (Haven’t seen this reappear on my 9.7 iPad Pro since installing b3 – MrGimper) (I can confirm that I have not seen any of this on my iPhone 6s Plus, whereas b2 did it often – VSMacOne)
  • Is it possible to group notifications by app? – No

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»How To Install iOS Beta Without UDID


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