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iOS 10 Beta 4 14A5322e



iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6
iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone SE


iPad (4th generation Model)
iPad Air, iPad mini 2
iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3
9.7‑inch iPad Pro
12.9‑inch iPad Pro


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»Yenilikler | What’s New in iOS 10 Beta 4

Bugs (iOS 10 Beta 4):

  • Even if “Keyboard Clicks” is turned off in Settings, keyboard clicks can still be heard from every button apart from numbers, letters and the “.” button (*).
  • Content blockers in Safari have no effect. Sometimes switching it off and then back on again will temporarily fix, but ads soon reappear after a few page loads. (For some, for me it works perfectly)
  • Quick Reply doesn’t work when using 3D Touch and it doesn’t work on non 3D Touch devices, either.
  • Cellular connection drops periodically, then comes back by itself several seconds later
  • Sometimes a keyboard click can be heard as an alert for messages or emails (definitely a bug to do with the new keyboard sounds).
  • Bug in music, when match is used but not Apple Music a warning pops up stating that the album isn’t avalible in your country. Album will continue to play though.


  • Darwin Kernel Version 16.0.0: Wed Jul 27 19:44:34 PDT 2016; root:xnu-3789.\/RELEASE_ARM64_S8000 (Version is same in all beta builds of iPhone OS 10 but the date code is changing in each update Which validates its updating)
  • Firmware Version: iBoot-3406.1.68
  • Date is now shown on Widget screen when accessed from Notification Center.
  • Haptic Feedback when locking iPhone has been removed.
  • Shinier revamped emojis.
  • Ratings (stars) now in Music app (popularity ratings, not iTunes star ratings).
  • iOS 8 wallpaper is back.
  • New keyboard sounds when tapping the spacebar and the delete key (has minor bug, see * below).
  • Opening folders and apps are much more responsive.
  • Photo previews are cropped again in Messages (not sure if a feature or bug).
  • Animation speed has been tweaked.
  • “Update All” 3D Touch Quick Action is back for the App Store app (visible for some, not for others).
  • Music app now shows “Show Complete Album” when track numbers are not consecutive, but not when the album is complete. That is, if there is an album including three tracks with track number 5, 6, and 18 the Music app shows “Show Complete Album”. This happens on both iTunes Store songs and imported iTunes music.
  • iPhone 6s Modem Firmware updated from 2.23.00 to 2.25.00.
  • AT&T Carrier Version updated from 24.5.47 to 24.5.53.
  • When 3D touching a notification the app icon beside the name has a slight drop shadow
  • Arabic and other languages Dictionaries
  • Several New Speech Voices with Default & Enhanced Versions
  • Three Photo Scales Options for Colour Filter Preview
  • 3D Touch significantly responds up to the selection choice as Light, Medium and Firm
  • 3D Touch delete action is New to this build. (Tap and Hold Delete Key and then assume 3D Touch Pop, text will be erased all in a sudden)

Bug Fixes:

  • Weather and Stocks in Notification Center now fit correctly and are not cut off or go off the side.
  • Pressing backspace in Safari no longer takes you to the bottom of the page!
  • PNG transparencies seem to be fixed.
  • When using Quick Reply tapping on the preview window will open the originating app.
  • Reduced Audio glitches via Bluetooth when touching the screen to zoom or scroll etc e.g. Not typing.
  • CarPlay Spotify bugs have been fixed.
  • Notification Center slide-in animation has been fixed.


  • Will voicemail transcription be extended to devices below 6s/6s+? Apparently not, but it is now noted as a Known Issue.
  • Are there more rich linked categories in Messages? Up to now, it’s mainly been certain movies and entertainers. Restaurants have been linked from time to time, but not consistently.
  • Does Apple abandon decade-old iTunes songs star ratings in favour of Apple Music “like/dislike”?

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