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iOS 10 Beta 5




iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6
iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone SE


iPad (4th generation Model)
iPad Air, iPad mini 2
iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3
9.7‑inch iPad Pro
12.9‑inch iPad Pro


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»Yenilikler | What’s New in iOS 10 Beta 5

Bugs (iOS 10 Beta 5):

  • Dock is buggy on iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Air & iPad Air 2 (may be all models), tilt iPad towards you and see the background of dock disappear, move it away and the dock background refills. Also it blacks out at times, a restart does not solve this. Seeing this also on 6S+ and 6+. Solved temporarily by turning on “Reduce Transparency” in Accessibility settings.
  • Home screen icons that are force-pressed on 6s can become misaligned for a split-second after looking at the Today view. (Using 3D Touch on an icon and moving the device will cause the blurred background to move separately from the actively pressed icon, and going back to the home screen shows that icon in the wrong place for a short time. It doesn’t happen on a fresh boot, but appears after sliding to the Today view on the left and then using 3D Touch).
  • 3D menu in phone app does not dial a contact unless its added as a widget. Then it works.
  • Using 3D touch on and then tapping on a note listed in the widget does not do anything (i.e. the note is not brought up as you would expect).


  • New Lock sound
  • Louder keyboard clicking sound
  • Date is now shown on Widget screen when accessed from Home Screen and is also smaller
  • 3rd Party Widgets without iOS 10 optimization are a lot darker now to make the white text more readable.
  • The “music output” icon at the bottom of the Now Playing screen has changed
  • 6s Modem Firmware updated from 2.25.00 to 2.30.00
  • AT&T Carrier Version updated from 24.5.53 to 25.0, Verizon from 24.5.41 to 25.0
  • Accessing the camera from the lockscreen is easier
  • Updated moisture contact indicator screen
  • Updated device icons in control center in “music output” option
  • “Home” tab in Settings removed on iphones
  • Changed homescreen layout
  • Lookup placeholder screen updated
  • emoji guy with turban changed
  • Option for no sound as alarm in the clock app
  • New wallpaper in the “Home” app
  • Swift app for ipad is now split into two sections
  • Reduce White Point defaults at 25% now, instead at 80% in previous betas
  • Speech sections updated
  • Arabic dictionary removed
  • On iPad, the keyboard buttons for handwriting and hide keyboard in the Messages app have been switched. The hide keyboard button is now in the bottom right corner like in every other app.

Bug Fixes:

  • Blank Quick Reply screen seems fixed.
  • Ad Blockers now work correctly and leave no whitespace where the adverts should be
  • “Auto enhance” feature when editing photos no longer makes photos look overexposed and washed out (bug from beta 4).
  • Hands-Free Prompt for Maps Navigation is back. It was missing since Beta 3
  • Broken and/or slow Spotlight Search appears to have finally been fixed for RAM-starved devices (1GB devices like iPhone 6 and earlier)

Things to Watch For:

  • Will they add “love” button in CC as well as lock screen when playing music? Oh, and will they add star rating back? (Not on lock screen)
  • Has the cellular/Wifi connectivity issue been resolved? Fixed for 6s. With Stable Wifi Connectivity. No signal drops intermittently.

10 Comments Kendi yorumunu ekle

  1. diyagnoz dedi ki:

    Sayın yönetici nasıl stabil mi ona göre yükleyeceğim ios 9.3.4 ten daha iyi olduğu söyleniyor ios 10 betalarının


    1. Steve's Apple dedi ki:

      Yedeğinizi alıp yükleyip denemenizi daha sağlıklı buluyoruz


      1. diyagnoz dedi ki:

        Üşendiğim için sizden fikir almak istedim 🙂


      2. Steve's Apple dedi ki:

        Bize olan ilginizden dolayı teşekkür ederiz takipte kalın


      3. diyagnoz dedi ki:

        Bende teşekkür ederim ancak soruma halen cevap alamadığımı belirtmek isterim. Sanırım sorumluluk almamak adına cevap vermekten kaçındınız. 🙂


      4. Steve's Apple dedi ki:

        Stabilite olarak kötü bir sürüm değildir eski iOS beta sürümlerine göre indirip kurabilirsiniz


      5. diyagnoz dedi ki:

        9.3.4 kadar kararlı değil belki ancak 9.3.4 ten çok daha temiz ve hatasız


      6. Steve's Apple dedi ki:

        Evet bazı uygulamalarda uyumsuzluk sorunları yaşayabilirsiniz onlarda zamanla güncellenecektir


  2. diyagnoz dedi ki:

    İos 6 lı iphone 5 günlerimi hatırlattı bu sürüm 6s üzerinde umutluyum çok ios 10 dan ☺️


  3. zafer dedi ki:

    beta 6 nerde reis. Geç kaldın


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