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iOS 11 Beta 4




iPhone 5s, iPhone SE
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6
iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus


iPad Air, iPad mini 2
iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3
iPad Pro (9.7‑inch)
iPad Pro (12.9‑inch)
iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation)


iPod touch (6th generation)

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»Yenilikler | What’s New in iOS 11 Beta 4

New Features:

  • Notification Center now allows the ability to swipe left to right to open a notification. Right to left to present options of View or Clear. Continuing to drag right will open the notification. Continuing to drag left will clear it.
  • AirDrop now has a dedicated settings line item under Settings – General.
  • New icons for Reminders, Contacts, and Notes.
  • Slightly adjusted icons for Stocks, iTunes, Compass, iBooks, Phone, Safari, Home, News, Mail, Weather, Photos and FaceTime
  • New splash page for Photos detailing Live Photos Effects and Editing and New Memories features.
  • New ‘Touch ID to open [app]’ message when tapping notifications.
  • New splash page for Notes.
  • New countdown UI for screen recording.
  • Low Power Mode toggle animation in Control Center.
  • New ‘Cellular Plans’ info added to Settings > Cellular (only confirmed on T-Mobile so far)
  • Wifi icon in the status bar is now bolder
  • Springboard: create Folder behaviour changed. Now it stays on the screen and does not open into the folder just created.
  • You can now save files from Safari to the “on My iPad” section via the share sheet. When you tap over “On my iPad”, the folder will expand, allowing you to select a subfolder to save your file. Until this beta, nothing happened.
  • Activity app tab showing previously completed workouts uses new icons for start and end positions of an outdoor run.


  • Notlar, Kişiler ve Hatırlatmalar için yeni simgeler.
  • Canlı Fotoğraf Efektleri ve fotoğraf düzenleme yenilikleri.
  • Fotoğraflar için yeni anılar özelliğinin ayrıntılarını gösteren bölüm.
  • Bildirimlere dokununca uygulama Touch ID ile açılsın mesajı.
  • Bildimleri açmak için hızlıca sağa kaydırma, görüntülemek ya da silmek için sola hızlıca kaydırma işlevi.
  • Notlar için yeni açılış sayfası.
  • Ekran kaydı için yeni geri sayım özelliği.
  • Kontrol Merkezi’nde Düşük Güç Modu’na geçiş sayfası animasyonu.
  • Ayarlar/ Genel altında AirDrop ayarı.

Bug Fixes:

  • Content Blockers seem to work as they should.
  • Force touch app icon in home screen no longer triggers wiggle mode if finger is on app icon long enough. Only force touch menu is triggered.
  • Mail filter button now always visible in mail app.

Bugs (iOS 11 Beta 4):

  • Visual Voicemail still broken on EE (UK)
  • ‘On this iPhone’ location removed from Files app (bug or intentional?)
  • Widgets are truncated again. (It may load full widgets after recalling Notification Center a few times)
  • From release notes: Recents list in Phone app will fail to update, so tapping the first entry to re-dial results in dialing the second entry.
  • Third party keyboards do not pick up text shortcuts. This bug is continuing from beta 3.
  • Bluetooth icon still stays lit up as if connected to something.
  • deleting/removing apps from the “recents” side of the dock (iPad) doesn’t work anymore (NEW)
  • Editing the alarm label doesn’t show the (x) to delete text but it’s there.
  • Toolbar for PDF files in Safari Browser not showing up with “Open In <App>” and “More…” buttons



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